Welcome to our Virtual Reality Archviz Demo !


DOWNLOAD LINK : https://bit.ly/3ySuImO


In this demo, usable on Windows PC with an Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset, you will be able to move around a small apartement, grab some objects and change the colors of the furnitures.


To launch the demo, make sure your Oculus Quest 2 is connected to your PC and that Oculus Link is activated.

Click on the FKFVRDEMO executable file to launch the demo.

Once in the apartement you can use the Oculus Touch Right Hand joystick to teleport a designated place and the Oculus Touch Left Hand Joystick to move the camera on the horizontal axis. You can also move freely in the apartment if your real play area is large enough.

When you look at specific objects, a message appears telling you to press the X button (Left Hand) to change the object’s color.



There are some objects that you can also grab when near to them with the Oculus Grab Trigger, the trigger located on the side of each Oculus Touch


To restart or leave the demo, press the Left Hand Menu button, a menu will appear and you can make your selection with the Left Hand Main Trigger.




Thank you for testing out our little demo, our team is at your disposal to create your next VR Project, Game or Archviz.